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Hyperfibre is the next generation of ultra-fast Fibre internet, offering download speeds at least twice as fast and upload speeds four times as fast as traditional Fibre. With very low latency, it enhances online gaming, video streaming, and cloud-based apps.

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Half price for the first 5 months*

Hyperfibre 2000

2000Mbps down
2000Mbps up
Half price for the first 5 months*

Hyperfibre 4000

4000Mbps down
4000Mbps up


There are no independent reports on Hyperfibre plan speeds. You may experience higher or lower speeds than this.

*5 months Half Price Broadband:

  • Get half price for your first 5 months when you sign up for a 12 month contract.
  • This offer is not valid for a ‘No-Term’ contract.

**Promotion Prize:

  • 5 x $100 Palmers gift card

**Promotion Terms and Conditions:

  • There will be 5 x prize winners for this promotion
  • These 5 winners will be randomly drawn on 31st August 2024 from all new customers who signed up for Zeronet broadband between 9th July and 31st July, 2024.
  • Only new customers are eligible to enter this competition.
  • New customers must sign up for a 12 month contract on their preferred plan.
  • Customers who sign up for a ‘no-term contract’ are not eligible to enter the draw.
  • Winners will be contacted via email within 3 days of the draw.
  • The Promotion is open to New Zealand residents only who are over the age of 18 and is not open to employees of Zeronet.
  • Zeronet’s standard setup fee must be paid for your entry into the competition to be valid.
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FAQs about Hyperfibre

What do I need to know about Hyperfibre installation?

Upgrading to Hyperfibre may require network changes that can take around 4 weeks to complete. Ask us about your address and we'll let you know what to expect. If you have standard fibre already, we can provide Fibre Max while you wait.

What is Hyperfibre?

Hyperfibre is the fastest internet you can get in New Zealand. It offers some of the fastest internet speeds available anywhere in the world. It also has very low latency. Hyperfibre is the future of internet and it’s available now in some parts of New Zealand.

Is ultra fast broadband in my area?

Hyperfibre is currently available in 75% of New Zealand’s towns and cities. The long-terms plan is for Hyperfibre to be available anywhere that standard Fibre internet is available. The best way to know if you can get Hyperfibre at your address is to click the “select plan” button on the Hyperfibre plan at the top of this page.

What speed is ultra fast broadband?

Hyperfibre plan speeds range from 2000Mbps upload/download, all the way through to 8000Mbps upload/download. You pay more for the faster the Hyperfibre plan you choose. At this stage, Zeronet only has a 2000Mbps Hyperfibre plan – as we can offer it at a fair cost that suits the needs of most high-end internet users.

Is Hyperfibre worth it?

For people who need lag free video streaming, online gaming and excellent performance on cloud-based applications, Hyperfibre is definitely worth the extra cost over traditional Fibre. The boost in productivity and performance gained by having Hyperfibre can make it a very smart investment for businesses and people who demand the best from their internet connection.