What we do

Zeronet is a 100% NZ-owned provider of fibre broadband internet. We provide fast fibre internet at a great price.

We make the online signup process quick and easy. And we will be New Zealand’s first carbon zero internet service. Find out more on our sustainability promise page

About Zeronet

Why we are different

Zeronet is solar powered, we plant 5 trees for every customer and we offset any carbon we produce with trees.

See our complete Sustainability Promise here

We work with Toitu Envirocare to measure our greenhouse gas emissions, offset them and be independently audited to achieve official certification of our carbon status.

Our values

Zeronet stands for three main values, which are at the core of our identity as a company and how we treat everyone we work with. These Zeronet values are:

About Us - Zeronet
For Good
We're a sustainable business. We're solar powered, we plant trees and we'll soon be carbon zero certified.
Zeronet - About Us
We make everything we do simple. Joining us and getting connected is hassle-free.
About Zeronet
We treat you like a mate. Our supportive customer care team avoids confusing tech-speak.

What's With the Worm?

Ziggy is Zeronet's unofficial mascot.

Ziggy stands for being down-to-earth, helpful and reliable - just like the Zeronet team. You'll see Ziggy around our website, on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and in some of our ads.